Deerstar’s “THE LOOK OF TEXAS” Breeding Program Story


I decided in 2008 after breeding to Northern Genetics, that there would be a problem in years to come with breeding too much northern. After watching many Northern Breeders for years, I noticed that as they stacked Non-Typical genetics the less Typicals were being produced. In fact more cluttered non-typicals were being produced. As it turned out for many of those breeders it became very difficult for them to get Typicals out of that breeding. There were some that were able to do so but not many. I can see that this is starting to happen with Texas breeders with heavy northern breeding.
I decided we had to go in a different direction. After consulting with several Biologist and top shelf Veterinarians, It became logical to begin breeding to mostly southern Texas proven lines. I felt it was worth trying to get more typical antlers. I bought a Buck from Robert Williams that we called Super 727, and I bought a Pure Texas Buck I called Prodigy from Lane Laning. Prodigy was out of the Gene Riser pure Texas line. S727 was a 3 year old out of Bambi 727 and a Daggertine doe. I wanted to cross him with the Berdoll and Kotzur pure Texas lines and I started buying does with those genetics.
We bred those does with Super 727 and the same for Prodigy. As a result we are seeing some good signs from these crosses. Some of those same Vets who now visit our deer facility are amazed at how healthy are deer look. We have produced Superstar and Prodigal Plus. We have several others with great promise as well. Both sons of S727. One being Super Gladiator, s727 on a Gladiator Doe. The other is Super Cell, a 3 year old S727 son, and the dam is a pure Texas doe out of the Kotzur (Clint) line. We have tried some other crosses as well like Moab, out of Gladiator, on 2028. That gave us BraveHeart. We are continuing to cross these lines to build on that foundation. We have much less death loss to EHD, healthier deer and are producing big frame wide deer with more pure Texas pedigrees. Our goal is to produce wider and typical framed deer that are producers. One good reason for this change of direction is that hunters wanted and still want big frame typical stocker bucks.

We call our new breeding program “THE LOOK OF TEXAS”. We now have some of the best looking Typicals in Texas.
We will have doe fawns and a few buck fawns for sale each fall out of Superstar, SuperCell, Super Gladiator, Prodigal Plus & BraveHeart and their offspring. If you want to move in a more typical direction with your breeding I would highly recommend adding more good quality Texas genetics to your breeding plan. For more information contact me at 832-473-3487.